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It doesn’t matter if you need Shingle and metal roof replacements or Shingle and metal roof installation services, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts has been working in the industry for years and can get your project done quickly. We’ll provide an estimate within 24 hours so that you know what to expect upfront!

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We have been in the industry for 25 years and we can say that AMI Roofing Inc. is Bloomington’s expert on roof replacements! You will never find another company with our level of experience, quality workmanship, or guarantee to make sure you are satisfied before we leave your home or business as well if there was damage done during installation like a leaky pipe caused by shingle blowout (which happens often). We provide FREE quotes so don’t hesitate to give us a call today

AMI Roofing has worked hard over two-plus decades servicing all types of properties with not just houses alone; we have also helped businesses weatherize their roofs safe against high winds/heavy snow loads and that we do with Shingle and metal roof replacements.

AMI Roofing Inc. is the leading company in providing complete roof replacements for residential and commercial properties, with over two decades of experience working on every material imaginable when it comes to replacing roofs. They have worked closely alongside their customers all along this time period by striving hard at delivering excellent service each day as if they were one big family unit (AMI).

Why do you need us?


When it comes to your roof, you should never underestimate the power of a good sealant. Leaving damage unchecked can lead not only insignificant home problems like molding or rot but also end up costing more in long term as well. Roofs are often covered by homeowners’ insurance (hail and high winds). We will help you to decide if filing for repairs will be the right move or not.

we install many types available today including ones designed specifically for siding installation too which means no leaks anywhere near them!

With a team of expert roofers, you can count on us to provide the best residential or commercial solutions for your home. We offer asphalt shingle roofs as well as other types such as metal and membrane-based ones that are energy efficient. In addition, we do gutter installation/recreation replacement services too so call today!

We provide insurance claim work


We handle your insurance claims like a pro. You will get the full value for what was damaged, without paying anything out of pocket!

We have an expert team with knowledge and experience to help guide you through this process so it works best in reaching our goals together.

Why choose us?

why choice us

When you invest in a new roof for your home, it’s important to hire the right repair company. If left unchecked and with time goes on these problems can lead inside outhouses which could be even more expensive than fixing them at their initial stages when there is still something that can be done about it.

We have all the right tools for roof repair. We can find out what caused it and how to stop future problems before they happen again! Give us a call if you think your home’s roofs need some repairing or even an entirely new look with shingles applied properly by professionals who know their stuff inside-and-out

We’re experts in finding out why things are happening on rooftops (like water damage) then fixing them appropriately so no one will be left complaining about leaking ceilings anymore – guaranteed 100%.

At AMI Roofing Inc, we are proud to offer exceptional service that includes new roofs and roof replacements. We provide expert inspections for all types of damage including hail storms or other disasters! Our experienced team will answer any questions you may have about our services while giving estimates on recommended repairs based on an inspection report with detailed information included in its price tag – what could be easier?

Our products also come backed by industry-leading warranties so if something does go wrong during installation there is nothing left but relief knowing your investment was protected well.

You can count on our team to get the job done right. The owner of this company is always available for feedback, which means that they want their contractors happy too.

Shingle Roof Replacement/installation Bloomington,IN

The AMI Roofing Inc team offers a variety of options to transform and upgrade your old tiled roof while ensuring structural integrity. Our large range with 25 years in industry experience makes us not just one choice but many when it comes time for a new shingle, tile, or slate installation on top of an already-existing structure.

The roof is one of the most important components in your home. While it protects us from weather and environmental elements, roofs also have an impact on how our houses look with their style preferences. Whether you want to retain or update that shingle-style tiles found across Bloomington can be replaced by AMI Roofing Inc. We are committed not only to giving clients what they need but also making sure everything runs smoothly during installation so there won’t be any added stress involved when changing out this component within ones’ house.

A roof replacement may be the best option for people who are tired of making repairs. While it might seem tempting to keep patching up your old, faulty roofs instead of investing in something new and costing less over time like our team at AMI Roofing Inc can help with. We offer high-quality workmanship alongside affordable rates so you don’t have to worry about outlasting what’s already there, just come to talk to us today if this sounds good or has any other questions on how we could improve things around here for you.

AMI Roofing Inc. offers a wide range of options for roof replacement in Bloomington, from color choices to insulation and more.

The firm’s specialist team is dedicated to ensuring that everything about your new tiled roofs is just as desired by you – whether it be colors or materials. They work with homeowners who have specific needs concerning their projects throughout the entire process: starting out with choosing what material they want (stainless steel shingles, Vege-grade plastic), then onto deciding how much guttering would suit them best before finally being given expert advice from one professional after another until every question has been answered.

Metal Roof Replacement/installation Bloomington,IN

The metal roof is a durable, long-lasting surface that can give your house its original look and feel. When it’s time for replacement or restoration services from AMI Roofing Inc., you don’t have to worry about quality assurance because we’ve been handling residential properties with great success.

We work hard on ensuring satisfaction by making sure each job meets professional standards while being affordable so everyone gets what they need in terms of style preferences without breaking their bank accounts.

It’s important to inspect your roof every few years and get any necessary repairs done before they become a problem. Metal roofs lead to expensive damage over time if left unrepaired be it residential, commercial, or industrial properties; so make sure you call an expert when noticing signs such as deteriorated joints in metal panels (from weather exposure), missing buckled paneling from their screws holes widen due heat fluctuation, etc. This could all mean there is something wrong with the integrity of its structure which will only worsen without attention soon enough.

When your metal roof is in need of replacement, there are many factors that you must take into account. The type and style should match the rest of your home’s architecture while also considering how often it will be maintained throughout its lifespan with AMI Roofing Inc.

Matching color schemes can help transform what might have initially seemed like an eyesore onto something beautiful- even revitalizing! In addition to ensuring aesthetics to satisfy homeowners’ expectations; durability needs must also play a role when picking out materials for this important investment as well as size.

AMI Roofing Inc has been providing top-quality service and roofs to the communities in our area for many years. We pride ourselves on being able to provide excellent customer satisfaction with every project we undertake, which is why you can always count on us when it comes time for roof replacements or repairs.

We will work closely together during an estimate so that each component of your property’s construction gets individual consideration from shingles down through penetrations into walls if needed; we’re committed not just by name but also through action towards ensuring maximum protection against outdoor elements such as rainwater leaks due to carelessness about factors like this could cause major structural issues later on and lead to very costly repairs.

When you need new metal roofs, it’s important to find a company that can provide high-quality service. At AMI Roofing Inc., we have been crafting roofing solutions for over 25 years and our team of licensed professionals will help assess whether your property needs repairs or maintenance work on its current structure as well as recommend any necessary improvements in order to protect against potential harm caused by neglectful activity like wind damage during harsh winter weather conditions.

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home and we want to make sure yours can withstand anything mother nature throws at it. Our highly-trained technicians will provide you with a free estimate on replacement services and let you know what needs fixing or replacing in order to maintain its perfect condition for years to come!

Contact our Bloomington, Indiana office today if metal roofs are not currently installed but interest has been piqued due to learning about potential benefits they could offer through Shingle & Metal Roof Replacement/Installation Services.

What do we advise?

It is essential to inspect your roof every few years. A professional will notice signs of shingle wear and tear, which means that you may be at risk for water leaks or even rot if these are not fixed soon enough!

It’s important to have a home inspection done on an annual basis so as not to miss any potential problems before they become serious issues – Be vigilant about this habit now because it can save lots of money later down the line when fixing another problem becomes necessary.

It’s crucial to hire a professional roofer who knows what they’re doing. We at AMI Roofing Inc have been creating long-lasting roofs for over 25 years and we would be happy to provide you with Shingle & Metal Roof Replacement/Installation Services!

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Shingle & metal roof replacement services are designed to help homeowners replace their old, worn-out shingle or metal roof with one that will last much longer than its predecessor. Our team of professionals pays close attention to the details in order to make sure each property gets individualized service as well as offers recommendations about which materials might best suit your needs based on factors like estimated lifespan and architectural style preferences.

Contact Shingle & Metal Roof Replacement/Installation Services today to learn more about how we can help you improve your roof’s condition through the replacement of shingles and metal. Our professionals will also be happy to provide an estimate on Shingle & Metal Roof Replacement/Installation Services so that a new roof fits within your budget!

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